Flat Panel Antennas VS Yagi Antennas

Flat Panel Antennas VS Yagi Antennas

09.04,2015 / in Antenna Knowledges

Flat panel antennas are comparable to Yagi antennas in usage. However,the flat panel antennas are superior in durability and reliability than yagi antennas,they can withstand higher wind loads and snow and ice buildup in outdoor harsh environments.Furthermore,they are low profile and aesthetics in visual unlike yagi antennas that obtrusive.Flat panel antennas can be easily integrated with enclosures that offering a complete CPE(the antenna with enclosure and mounting kit,including your choice of radio solutions) which is ideal for outdoor point to point or point to multipoint wireless solutions.

Tesswave technology offers the widest range of flat panel antennas and matching the enclosures in the industry ranging from 400 MHz up to 6 GHz(include the popular 900,2.4,3.5 and 5 GHz frequency bands).All of our flat panel antennas are compliant supreme grade weatherproof in outdoor usage.

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