Benefits of a Custom Antenna

  • 01Precise parameters
    for maximum performance
  • 02Custom
    Mechanical Requirements
  • 03Better Integration
    with Other Devices
  • 04Multi-band Capacities
  • 05Cost-effective solutions
  • 06Fit Demanding Applications

Complete Customized Options

Our fully bespoke antenna can meet both your electronic & mechanical requirements.

  • Antenna Customized -  - 2 Frequency Range
  • Antenna Customized -  - 3 Gain
  • Antenna Customized -  - 4 Polarization
  • Antenna Customized -  - 5 Beamwidth
  • Antenna Customized -  - 6 Radome Material
  • Antenna Customized -  - 7 Reflector Material
  • Antenna Customized -  - 8 Mounting Bracket
  • Antenna Customized -  - 9 Package

Our Efficient Approach

At Sanny Telecom, we have an efficient custom approach to reduce 
your time to market.

Indepth Consultation

At the preliminary stage, our engineering team works closely with you to fully understand the scope and needs of the finished antenna, both electrical & mechanical requirements including:

  • Operating frequency ranges, power, gain, beamwidth & other relavant parametersits-all solution, not for antennas.
  • Environmental ruggedness, connectors, product integration & other mechanical requirements.

Electromagnetic Simulation

To come up with a feasible solution for our clients, our engineers will first simulate the antenna with 3D electromagnetic simulation software.

With the help of HFSS, we try to address challenges such as gain, array, efficient matching to the radio system, as well as other spatial & material requirements.

Handmade Prototype & In-house Tests

This is the crucial phase that our expert turns the simulated idea into reality.

In our mechanical workshop, we carry out the assembly of the 1st sample & put in into the test with our whole set of testing equipment in-house.

Antenna radiation pattern, gain directivity, VSWR & other parameters are measured and verified before we come up with a detailed design drawing.

CAD Design

The handmade sample that passed relevant tests will be illustrated in CAD drawings with every detail down to a screw shown in the design.

Once the technical evaluation of product design is finalized, we will send you a complete document outlining the antenna design, electrical and mechanical specifications, and estimated prices at requested quantity levels.

Mold Development
& Pre-production Prototype

Once you agree on the design & quotation, we will develop new molds for components such as ABS/ASA radome, hardware & waterproof gaskets etc.

Development can not go further without the realization of a fully functional pre-production prototype.

So our engineer will then make a more delicate prototype with the bespoke molds and sent to you for test with your equipment or in the real world situation.

Client Test & Confirmation

After receiving the final prototype, you can inspect the antenna size, appearance, and performance or its compatibility with your devices.

In this period, our engineers will assist you to fine tune the prototype for optimal performance.

Only when the antenna integrates perfectly into your device will we put it into mass production.

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