“China Moment” of 5G

“China Moment” of 5G

Time:2020-2-3 Author:tesswave

Although China’s 5G license was issued later than that of the United States and South Korea, the early layout in network and terminal technology of Chinese companies might enable China’s 5G industry to gain advantages rapidly and surpass them.

“China Moment” of 5G

I. 5G network deployment

During the recent MWC conference in Shanghai, China Mobile announced that it will deploy 5G networks in more than 50 cities in China by the end of 2019, and close to 100,000 NSA 5G base stations in 2019 alone. At the same time, China Telecom also announced that it will complete 5G commercial deployment in 40 cities by the end of the year. Earlier, China Unicom also announced the same 5G city deployment as its goals.

This also means that basically China’s major cities will complete 5G commercial deployment in 2019, and then China will build the world’s largest 5G commercial network. According to public information, at present, at least 16 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China have been able to make 5G calls.

II. Chinese group using 5G mobile phone

A large number of Chinese manufacturers represented by Huawei and OV have actually begun their layout and R & D in related fields in advance.

“China Moment” of 5G

At this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC2019), ZTE brought Axon 10 Pro, Huawei exhibited the world’s first 5G folding-screen mobile phone named Mate X, and OnePlus also presented its first 5G prototype on-site. Vivo launched the 5G version of iQOO and also demonstrated many innovative technologies based on 5G, such as 120W ultra-fast flash charging to solve the pain points of short battery life in the 5G era, AR glasses, an important means of intelligent interaction, and so on.

For the 5G industry’s most promising telemedicine, education, autonomous driving, and other IoT (Internete of Things) smart home applications, all of them still depend on 5G mobile phones.

In terms of 5G layout this time, China’s advantages can be said to be all-rounded. In addition to network coverage and mobile phone terminals, China also has exceptionally strong strength in the reserve of technology patents such as chips. At the chip level, this time, including domestic companies such as Huawei and MediaTek, have also launched 5G chips.

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