How RFID tag works

How RFID tag works

Time:2021-5-21 Author:Frank Chung

The full name of RFID is Radio Frequency Identification. Wal-Mart, SAP, BEA, Intel, SensiTech, Swisslog, and other Fortune 500 international organizations have actively promoted and promoted RFID in their respective industries, proving and revealing the powerful development potential and broad application prospects of this technology. Especially when the organic combination of RFID technology and the Internet is one of the most revolutionary growth points in the global IT industry. So what exactly is an RFID tag? What is the role of an RFID tag? How does an RFID tag work?

1. The composition of RFID tags:

RFID tags are also called radio frequency tags, transponders, and data carriers; readers are also called readout devices, scanners, read heads, communicators, readers (depending on whether the electronic tags can rewrite data wirelessly). The electronic tag and the reader realize the spatial (non-contact) coupling of the radio frequency signal through the coupling element; in the coupling channel, according to the timing relationship, the energy transfer and data exchange are realized.

1).Tag: composed of coupling components and chips. Each tag has a unique electronic code. The high-capacity electronic tag has a user-writeable storage space and is attached to the object to identify the target;

2). Reader: a device that reads (and sometimes writes) tag information, which can be designed as a handheld or fixed type;

3).RFID Antenna: transmit radio frequency signals between the tag and the reader

2. The role of RFID tags:

1). Unique electronic identification of assets/objects

2). Large reading distance, up to 10 meters or more

3). Wide range, the most advanced Internet of Things industry now uses UHF electronic tag technology

4). Fast data transmission speed, up to 170 sheets per second for a single label reading rate

5). Large amount of stored data. UHF electronic tags are flexible and can be easily identified

6). It has a high data transmission rate and can read a large number of electronic tags in a short time

7). Anti-collision mechanism, suitable for multi-tag reading, multiple electronic tags can be read in batches at a time

8). Its antenna is generally long and label-shaped, and the antenna has linear and circular polarization

9). The data storage time is extremely long, which can exceed 10 years

10). It has a globally unique ID number, strong security and confidentiality, and is not easy to be cracked

3. The working principle of RFID tags:

1). It is a non-contact automatic identification technology that uses radio frequency signals to identify the target object and obtain related data without manual intervention. It is just like a wireless version of the barcode

2). The storage of the tag code is stored in a read-only or read-write format on the integrated circuit; its reading and writing method is realized by wireless electronic transmission

3). Its outstanding working principle is that it can identify a single very specific object, while the bar code can only identify one type of object; it can read multiple objects at the same time, but the bar code can only be read one by one; using radio frequency, it can pass through the external material reads the data, and the barcode must rely on laser or infrared to read the information on the surface of the material medium.

After briefly explaining the RFID tag, everyone should understand that the RFID tag mainly serves as a smart identification. At present, it is widely used in electronic identification, product anti-counterfeiting traceability, clothing management, intelligent inspection management, airport baggage management, asset management, medical equipment, smart jewelry management, and so on. There are good reasons to believe that in the near future, RFID tags will be more suitable for high-speed moving objects and will be applied to a wider range of industries and life scenarios. At that time, our life will be more convenient, faster and more beautiful!

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