Tesswave’s high performance 2.4 GHz omnidirectional wifi antenna are ideally suited for IEEE 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n wireless LANs, Bluetooth®, public wireless hotspot and other multipoint applications where wide coverage is desired.

These 2.4 GHz omni directional wifi antenna features a durable fiberglass radome for durability and aesthetics which is ideal for all weather operation outside. Our 2.4 GHz fiberglass omnidirectional antennas are normally can be reached to 12dBi high gain and other gain is optional as well, we can make these antennas in vertical or horizontal polarization. The mounting system of these omnidirectional antennas features a heavy-duty extruded aluminum bracket and stainless steel U-Bolt for superior strength.

Please note that they are single polarized omni antenna in this category, we also provide the designing and manufacturing of dual polarized diversity MIMO Omni antenna which is very popular MIMO technology in the market.

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