400-430 MHz 10dBi Directional Yagi Antenna
400-430 MHz 10dBi Directional uhf Yagi Antenna

400-430 MHz 10dBi Directional Yagi Antenna

Frequency: 400-430MHz
Gain: 10dBi
Size: 875*400*80mm

The TYC-0400-10E is a directional yagi antenna for outdoor installation,widely used in UHF applications.

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range400-430MHz
PolarizationVertical or horizontal
Horizontal Beamwidth65°
Vertical Beamwidth60°
Max power100W
Nominal Impedance50Ω
Lightning protectionDC Ground
Mechanical Specifications
ConnectorN Female
Mast DiameterΦ40 to 50mm
Operating temperature-40~+65℃
Rated Wind Velocity60m/s
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