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2.4GHz 12dBi Outdoor Directional Yagi WiFi Antenna

Model NO:


  • Operated at 2400-2500MHz frequency band
  • High gain for outdoor point to point directional use
  • Outdoor pole mount installation
  • N Female connector with 30cm RG58 cable(accept other options)
  • Made of aluminium, durable for outdoor harsh environment



Our Yagi WiFi antenna works in 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency band, It is a cost-effective outdoor directional WiFi antenna that mainly used for client installations. Same as the panel WiFi antennas, Yagi WiFi antenna also features high gain and narrow beam which is ideal suit for outdoor point to point or point to multi-point wireless connection. The Yagi antenna general are connected to router, access point or other WiFi devices by using with a coaxial cable adapter, thus become a wireless bridge that can realize WiFi data connection, transmit wireless video signals and other outdoor wireless WiFi connection applications.

Yagi WiFi antennas is a very typical directional antenna. It consists of multiple hollow tube elements and a boom that are both made of aluminum, these tube elements are mounted parallel to the boom, the element at the end of the feed is longest and used as a reflector, antennas with different frequencies have different lengths of these elements, high-frequency Yagi antennas general are much smaller in size than low-frequency antennas. 

These Yagi WiFi antennas need to be mounted on a mast, and it is best to be on the roof or a higher place to avoids signal loss due to obstructions. Antenna comes with a heavy duty mounting kit, its simple design allows you to install it easily, and it is easy to adjust the angle of the antenna, in addition, the mount kit is designed to allow the antenna to be mounted horizontally or vertically. The antenna is made of metal aluminum material, which will not rust and can withstand various harsh outdoor environments.

Our Yagi WiFi antenna comes with a typical N female connector and 30cm of RG58 coaxial cable, for those custom orders, we can also supply you with other connectors(like SMA, TNC and BNC etc.,) and other type of coax cable(RG58U, LMR200 or LMR240 etc.). WiFi Yagi antenna is a cost-effective directional antenna, it can provide medium and long distance WiFi connection, If you need to achieve ultra-long distance connection and have enough budget, you can try our parabolic WiFi antenna which is high-gain and has ultra-narrow beam.

Model NumberTYC-2400-12E
Electrical Specifications
Horizontal Beam Width48°
Vertical Beam Width48°
F/B Ratio-dB≥16
Max. Input Power-W100
Lightning ProtectionDC Ground
Mechanical Specifications 
ConnectorN Female
Mounting-mmMast Ø40-Ø60
Rate Wind Velocity-km/h210
Operating Temperature-40℃ – +65℃


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