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MIMO Antennas

MIMO is a wireless communication technology, stands for multiple input and multiple output, it is widely used in modern wifi and 4G/5G cellular networks. A MIMO antenna involves multiple separated antenna elements in a single antenna housing, these antenna elements work together on both transmit and receive signal to improve the reliability and performance of wireless connection. MIMO technology allows multiple data streams to be transmitted simultaneously on the same channel, which increases data throughput and higher data transfer rates, resulting in faster and more efficient wireless communications. This is just like on a highway, cars with four lanes will always go faster and smoother than cars with two lanes.

We mainly design and manufacture external mimo antennas, our MIMO antennas includes various types: directional mimo antennas like flat panel, parabolic, yagi and sectors, and the omnidirectional mimo antennas like outdoor pole mount omni, ceiling mount, etc..

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