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LoRa Antennas

A LoRa antenna is designed for use with LoRa wireless communication technology, LoRa(long-range) is one of popular technology of low-power, wide-area network(LPWAN) that enables long range communication between LoRaWAN devices with low data rates. It’s commonly used in applications such as smart cities, agriculture, industrial automation and other many Internet of Things(IoT) devices.

Tesswave is one of the professional LoRa antenna manufacturers and suppliers in China, we design and manufacture RF antennas for over 15 years therefore, accumulate a lot of practical experience. Our LoRa antennas work on 433MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz or 2.4GHz for the different frequency band in vary of countries, include Omnidirectional or directional, outdoor or indoor use, you can choose the proper one for your business, if you can’t find the antenna you need in our website, then you can contact us for antenna custom solution.

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