Parabolic WiFi Antennas

Looking for long range WiFi antennas? Our parabolic WiFi antenna can transmit the WiFi signal for quite a distance. It is a very high gain directional WiFi antenna that similar to a satellite dish, the WiFi signal focused on the feed is emitted in one direction through a parabolic grid or a dish reflector. The most obvious feature of parabolic antenna is high gain and ultra-narrow beamwidth, which makes it very suitable for outdoor long-distance point-to-point connection. Our parabolic WiFi antennas operate in the 2.4/5GHz frequency band and support the IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard.

It is generally used with routers, access points, for outdoor bridges, long-distance wireless camera video transmission. Our Yagi WiFi Antenna and Panel WiFi Antenna are also high gain and narrow beam, but parabolic antennas have higher gain and directivity than them, and of course, the price is higher. 

We have 2 types of parabolic WiFi antennas, one is grid parabolic antenna and the other is dish antenna, the grid antenna consists of a feed and detachable die-cast aluminum grid, this detachable design can greatly reduce the size of the product package and reduce transportation costs, the grid design can effectively reduce wind resistance. The gain of the dish antenna is usually higher than the grid antenna, but it is not as light and wind resistant as a grid antenna. Our antennas are equipped with heavy duty mounting kit that can adjust the angle of the antenna allow you easily and quickly mount it on the pole.

We not only produce a SISO parabolic antenna with one port, but also design and produce the most advanced multi-polarization and multi-port MIMO parabolic antenna which can make WiFi signal transmission more and faster in the same time. We produce a variety of WiFi antennas, please contact our sales representative for a free quote.