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Quality Control

We regard quality as life

As an antenna manufacturing company that has passed ISO 9001:2015 certification, we have always put product quality in the most important position. The company has a strict quality control system from raw materials to finished products to ensure that it provides the highest quality antenna products to customers around the world.

Control of Raw Materials

We have always believed that the quality control of raw materials is the most important and indispensable part of the manufacturing industry. We put a lot of effort into the selection of raw material suppliers to ensure the qualification rate of raw materials, thereby improving our production efficiency and optimize the production cycle.

Reasonable and Scientific Scheduling

The company has a set of professional ERP production management system. Through effective production scheduling, the management personnel can avoid the loss of the company’s personnel energy, maximize the production efficiency and ensure the production cycle.

Control of Production Process

We have professional production operation guidelines and standards for each product. 100+ skilled workers can follow the guidelines to work, including antenna installation, welding and the first test. We have purchased some professional production tools to improve production efficiency and protect workers’ safety.

100% Test Before Shipment

After the antenna is assembled, we will conduct a 100% performance test before packaging and require a 100% pass rate. Before shipment, we will conduct random inspections on each box of goods. If a defect rate greater than 3% is found, then All products will be tested again.
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