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Top Anti Drone Antenna Manufacturers in World 2024

The usage of drones has increased dramatically over the last few years with their decreasing production cost and the expansion of their applicable industries. Although they can bring tremendous benefits in areas of transportation, management and surveillance, disaster detection and protection, geographic mapping, aerial photography, military, etc. they can also present significant security threats to many countries and regions. Major security concerns with drone systems include privacy invasions, cyber-attacks, interference with aviation signals, etc. With the rise of the security risks posed by drone systems, anti-drone technology and systems are becoming vital.

What is Anti-drone Systems?

Anti-drone systems can detect, identify, and neutralize UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Anti-drone systems work by using radio frequency signals to detect and identify other drones and UAVs. Then upon deciding whether the detected drone is a ‘friend or foe’, the anti-drone system emits electromagnetic noise to counter the signals emitted by the unauthorized or invading drones which will help to drown any sensitive information that might be shared by the drone. Anti-drone systems could even destroy the invading drones or UAVs depending on the counterattack measures used by the system. Anti-drone systems are used to protect sensitive areas such as airports, military bases, government buildings, etc. from potential threats or attacks by malicious drones.

Importance of anti-drone antennas

Anti-drone antenna is the most crucial component of an anti-drone system. Anti-drone antenna scans the airspace for drone signals by detecting and tracking the radio frequency (RF) signals emitted by drones. It searches the database to identify whether it is a known signal or an invading device and then executes countermeasures such as disrupting the control signals between the drone and its operator or jamming the drone’s GPS signal by distributing counter radio frequency signals such that it will either disable or redirect the invading drones.

Anti Drone Antenna Manufacturers

This article provides an overview of some of the best anti-drone antenna manufacturers.


Founded: 2010

Country: China

Contact No: +86-755-23592105

Tesswave is an ISO-certified leading antenna manufacturing company in China. They manufacture a wide variety of antennas including anti-drone antennas. Tesswave has antennas in 2G/3G/4G/5G, WiMax, and VHF/UHF categories that can be used for disrupting or jamming drone signals. Their anti-drone antennas available in specific types like Yagi, omnidirectional, and high gain sectors are very effective in signal disruption due to their directional capabilities and high performance. They provide consultation as well and customers can get anti-drone antennas customized and designed specifically for their use case with their operating frequency, gain, and polarization tailored for the application.

Anti-Drone Antenna Solutions

Founded: 20 + years ago

Country: Poland

Contact No:  +48 713 230 180

Unlike other antenna manufacturing companies, Anti Drone Antenna Solutions as the name suggests is a company that specializes in manufacturing antennas for counter UAV applications.   They have jamming antennas that operate over a wide frequency range from 400 MHz to 7.2 GHz making them suitable for applications in a variety of environments and conditions. They provide high-quality anti-drone antennas from compact microstrip directional antennas to custom advanced antennas to effectively combat any invasive drone activity.

Chelton Limited

Founded: 1990

Country: United Kingdom

Contact No: +44 (0)1638 732177

This company manufactures a wide range of antennas that can be used for anti-drone systems. They manufacture four main types of anti-drone antennas which are Wideband Omni-Directional, Directional Helix, Directional Flat Panel, and High Power Ultra-Wideband Directional. A combination of anti-drone and UAV antennas can be chosen based on the customer’s requirement specifications such as frequency range, mounting options, weight, and power. They also offer anti-drone antenna combinations based on the type of counteraction required such as straight-forward jamming, spoofing, monitoring, etc.

Antenna Experts

Country: India

Contact No: +91 98102 05738

Antenna Experts is one of the largest antenna manufacturers in the world and offers antennas designed specifically to block different types of drones. They manufacture high quality, high performance anti drone antennas that comply with high safety standards and these can be used in anti drone systems in many industries such as public safety, aviation, military, marine, etc. This company manufactures anti drone antennas with unique performance features such as wideband performance, easy handling and maintenance, compact size, etc. A few of the categories that they offer anti drone antennas are military tactical antenna, naval shipboard antenna, jammer antenna, etc.

Antenom Antenna Technologies

Country: Turkey

Antennom Antenna Technologies manufactures and supplies effective directional and omnidirectional anti drone antennas for frequency ranges between 400 to 6000 MHz that can be used for vehicles and fixed site applications. They have four main types of anti drone antennas, a high power omnidirectional wideband antenna, a directional wideband Log Periodic Antenna (LPDA) and two types of GPS jammer antennas for GPS level 1 and level 2. They also create custom anti drone antennas tailored for specific applications.

Zen Technologies Limited

Founded: 30 + years ago

Country: India

Contact No: +91 – 40 – 23814894

Anti drone systems provided by Zen technologies have a multi-layered multi-sensor architecture. The radio frequency based drone detector of this system contains an array of receiver antennas to detect invasive UAVs and an array of anti drone antennas for jamming the signals between invasive drones and the ground control center. The anti drone antennas by Zen Technologies can take the frequencies detected by detector antennas in the anti drone system and generate jamming waveforms but also support user configured frequencies for the jamming signals.

Taco Antenna

Founded: 1934

Country: USA

Contact No: +1 (866) 975 4433

Taco antenna is a leading manufacturer of innovative antennas. They have an antenna range specifically targeted for anti drone systems known as the blackout helical counter drone antennas. They are available in single band, dual band and tri band circularly polarized helical configurations in a frequency range from 900 MHz to 5.8 GHz. This blackout circularly polarized anti drone antenna series by Taco has a maximum signal loss of only 3dB at any orientation and is designed to perform consistently and reliably even in harsh environment conditions making them ideal for a wide range of applications.


Founded: 10 + years ago

Country: China

Contact No: +86-13812892669

Wavelink is a professional antenna manufacturing and supplying company based in China. They manufacture a wide range of WIFI antennas and one of their unique antennas is the anti UAV gun antenna. This antenna is specifically designed for handheld anti drone systems and is an omnidirectional PCB internal antenna. Wavelink also designs and manufactures customized anti drone antennas based on customer application requirements.


As unmanned technologies such as drones advance rapidly, they can pose a major security threat too in the hands of an attacker. Therefore, the demand for effective counter-measures also rises. This has led to the development of anti drone systems which are designed to detect invasive drones or UAVs and take counter-attack action against them either by neutralizing or jamming the signal or even destroying the drone. Anti drone antenna is a key component of these anti drone systems and selecting the right antenna is crucial for the performance of the system. This article presented a few of the best anti drone antenna manufacturers in the world.

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