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Why 500+ Businesses Trust Tesswave’s Expertise!

We always believe that good products and services are the only way to gain customer recognition, which is also our company’s core values

We Help You Go to the Market Faster

Tesswave is the preferred antenna manufacturer in China. We not only provide hundreds of existing antenna models, but also provide you with incredible antenna customized services. Our team is composed of experienced engineers who are familiar with antenna design to sample completion, we can also provide you with more professional suggestions. We have 100+ workers and 5 modern production lines, the production capacity can definitely meet your needs.


Excellent R&D Capabilities

We have a number of skilled antenna engineers, all of whom have more than 20 years of experience in the antenna field, and are proficient in using mainstream simulation and design software such as HFSS, AWR, PRO-E and CAD etc. Our engineers can independently complete a series of work from antenna design to sample completion.


Stringent Quality Control

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified antenna manufacturing enterprise, we’re committed to continually improving the quality of our products and services for the best customer experience. We start to consider the problem of defective rate from the time of product design, we try to control the defective rate by optimizing of product design and production. Besides, all products will be strictly inspected by the quality control department before being handed over to the customer.


Professional OEM & Customized Services

There are many antennas on our website, but you may be looking for an antenna suitable for a specific application. You need a specific frequency band, gain, beamwidth, connector and even size, No problem, we can customize it for you. Choosing a customized antenna does not require you to spend too much extra time and expense, but it can bring you a higher income.

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Real Data is the Most Important

Unlike some other companies’ products, there is an unreal gain. They write the gain very high in the specification to get more customers’ likes. If you spend enough time in the antenna business, I believe you can tell if it’s real gain. We seek truth from facts, all product specification are real data obtained through testing.


Low MOQ is Available

No order is too big nor too small, perfect production management and strong supply chain management enables us to provide you the order with a low MOQ, besides, we work with companies both small and large, we are willing to grow with all of our customers to success.


Lower Cost and Greater Value

Shopping around for quality products at good prices can be time-consuming. We know this because we’re frequently sourcing quality materials at competitive prices so our customers can get quality antennas for less. Our growing family of happy customers contribute to lower prices for all of our customers to enjoy.


End-to-End & Hassle-Free Logistics

We have long-term cooperative logistics partners who can provide low price but efficient logistics services for your goods. Whether you want to take express, air or sea, we have the best channels to help you receive the goods in the shortest time.


Vast Global Network of Sales

After years of hard work, we have accumulated some foreign agents to sell our antennas. In addition, we have our own warehouses in some countries, which shortens the time for customers to receive goods. We will continue to improve our sales channels to provide customers the best experience.


We have cooperated with other Chinese antenna companies before cooperating with Tesswave, but why we are determined to cooperate with Tesswave for a long time? Because I found that Tesswave can not only provide good products, good prices but also provide very good service, I don’t have to worry about whether my order can be completed within the agreed time. They have a set of scientific production process and a strict quality management system, which can save me all worries. It is really easy to cooperate with them.
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