Sector WiFi Antennas

Sector WIFI antennas is a kind of directional antenna, unlike parabolic WiFi antennas which have very narrow beamwidth, sector WiFi antennas generally have a larger beamwidth in the horizontal plane, the more common ones are 65 degrees, 90 degrees and 120 degrees, if the angle of an sector WiFi antenna is 90 degrees, then four 90-degree sector antennas can form an omnidirectional antenna system with 360-degree coverage that has higher gain than the general outdoor omnidirectional WiFi antenna, can cover a larger area, and allow more end users to access. These antennas are typically used in base stations and is an ideal solution for point-to-multipoint area networking.

These antennas work in the 2.4/5GHz frequency band that support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi standards, they have a high gain and high front to back ratio. It is generally a long strip and can be directly installed on the pole with the prepared mounting kit. Our antenna mounting kit are made of heavy-duty metal materials, and allow to adjust the angle of the antenna mechanically. These antennas are generally used for large area coverage, so it should be installed on the roof or on a higher altitude mountain to achieve better coverage. The antenna housing is made of UV-resistant PVC material, which is very durable and can be suitable for all kinds of extreme weather outdoors.

The sector WiFi antennas can be divided into single-polarized SISO antennas and multi-polarized MIMO sector antennas according to polarization, MIMO is the latest technology that provide more channels and achieve high-speed data transmission, our mimo sector antenna featured two or more ports that ideal compatible with most of MIMO devices in the market. Our antennas come with typical N Female connector or can be customized.