5.8 GHz Outdoor Omni-Directional WiFi Antenna

  • Frequency: 5725-5850 MHz
  • Gain: 12dBi
  • Dimension: Φ25×600mm
  • Connector: N-Female or customized
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Electrical Specifications
Model TOF-5800-12V
Frequency Range-MHz 5725-5850
Gain-dBi 12
VSWR ≤1.5
Polarization Vertical
Horizontal Beamwidth-° 360
Vertical Beamwidth-° 7
Max power-W 100
Nominal Impedance-Ω 50
Lightning protection DC Ground
Mechanical Specifications
Connector­­­ N Female
Dimension-mm Φ25×600
Weight-kg 0.8
Radome Material Fiberglass
Mast Diameter-mm Φ40 to 50
Operating temperature-℃ -40~+65
Rated Wind Velocity-m/s 60

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