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what are 4G LTE frequency bands

What are 4G LTE Frequency Bands?

Each cellular network is designed to meet the increasing demands of users better than ever. People heavily rely on wireless networks for connectivity and communication. Cellular networks allow them to enjoy different desirable services including video streaming, virtual conferences, and fast downloading/uploading over high data rate, larger frequency band, and security collaboration. The increase in user demands has led to the emergence of new cellular generations one after the other. 4G LTE, standardized by 3GPP, has become a highly flexible and accommodating network that allows network operators to fulfill the customer demands efficiently. We have introduced what is 4G LTE in detail before, now this article provides a detailed overview of 4G LTE and what are its frequency bands. Also, it sheds light over the 5G spectrum in comparison to 4G spectrum. So, let’s begin: What is 4G LTE 4G LTE is the next cellular generation after the 3G networks

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what is 4G LTE

What is 4G LTE and why it matters?

Have you ever wondered the reason behind the replacement of each cellular generation, no matter how much revolutionizing it appeared in the beginning? It was the ever-increasing demands of users for more speed and capacity that the cellular network of that time could no longer fulfill. Providing high speed, large capacity, and less delay has always been the top priority of each network operator since the introduction of 1G networks. Today, the world is experiencing the amazing data speeds and broadband services of 4G LTE networks that no one could imagine two decades ago. 4G LTE cellular network has paved way for some of the key-driving technologies of 5G and beyond networks including MIMO technology, LPWAN, and IoT. In this article, you will learn everything about 4G LTE, its features, applications, and the technological advancements it brought along. So, let’s get started: What is 4G LTE? The 4G network was launched

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