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what is a directional antenna

What is a Directional Antenna?

In this article, we will discuss about directional antenna. It is a broad category of antenna that has high directivity and are tailored for different applications. First, we will understand the importance of antennas in communication. With the increasing popularity of wireless communication, antennas have become a crucial element in modern communication systems. Antennas, receive and transmit radio signals wirelessly over wireless media(electromagnetic wave). There are several types of antennas. Most of these antennas are categorized based on their application, shape of the generated waveform, and operating frequency range. Based on the generated waveform’s shape, antennas are categorized into two major categories, namely omni-directional and directional antennas. This article will briefly discuss directional antennas, different types of directional antennas, their applications, advantages, and disadvantages. Finally, we will conclude by identifying some key factors to be considered when selecting a directional antenna for a given application. What is a Directional Antenna? As

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