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what is helium mining and how does it work

What is Helium Mining and How Does it Work?

The mining of cryptocurrency first started in 2010, and since then, more than 18,000 types of cryptocurrency have been created. And while mining crypto is an excellent way to earn money, many times, it costs more in electricity than the coins are worth. This is where Helium mining comes into play. What is helium? Helium is a decentralized wireless network that uses IoT (low-power smart devices) to transmit and receive data across the internet. Across the Helium Network, coverage providers are known as “miners.” Essentially, by utilizing a small device in your office or home, you can provide miles of low-power network coverage to your city. And in the process, you earn HNT or Helium coins for your efforts. How does helium mining work?  As we mentioned, Helium rewards miners with coins. These coins are based on an algorithm known as Proof of Coverage. This algorithm verifies that the miner’s

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