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what are ism frequency bands and the use cases

What are the ISM frequency bands and the use cases?

In each country, the wireless communication radio spectrum is defined and regulated by a certain organizational authority that allows different applications to operate in their defined band to serve the users. In North America, this authority is known as FCC and in Europe, ETSI makes such regulatory decisions. These authorities allocate the radio frequency bandwidth to each individual application including television and radio broadcasting, telecommunication services, military, government, etc. For operating your specific application, you have to get permission from these authorities to use a certain frequency for your service. However, the regulators have also set aside specific frequency bands which can be flexibly used by users. These bands are known as ISM frequency bands. In this article, you will learn everything about ISM bands, which frequency bands are included in it, and what are its applications. So, let’s start: Defining ISM Bands ISM stands for industrial, scientific, and medical

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