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How NB-IoT is Revolutionizing the Industrial IoT Landscape

How NB-IoT is Revolutionizing the Industrial IoT Landscape

NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) has transformed the industrial IoT landscape. Its impressive features such as low cost, low power, good coverage, security, and reliability have made it an ideal technology for industrial applications. The impact of NB-IoT is seen in almost all industries. This article provides an introduction to the concepts of NB-IoT and industrial IoT and then describes how the features of NB-IoT have enabled and enhanced IoT applications in the industrial landscape. A few use cases of different industries where NB-IoT has hugely impacted such as manufacturing, smart cities, agriculture, and medical industries are then discussed in the next section. A few of the challenges associated with NB-IoT and the future of NB-IoT in the industrial landscape are also included here. What is NB-IoT? NB-IoT is a modern low-power technology that supports bidirectional communication up to 200 kbps data rates. It is widely used for IoT

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NB-IoT vs. LTE-M: What are the Differences?

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) is an emerging area in realizing massive Internet of Things (IoT) applications. LTE-M and NB-IoT are the most popular cellular-based LPWAN technologies in the market to realize LPWAN applications. In this article, we will briefly introduce both NB-IoT and LTE-M and their main differences to make a design decision for your LPWAN solution.  What is NB-IoT?  This is an LPWAN technology enabling a limited bandwidth, developed by 3GPP for cellular wireless communication and enabling massive IoT applications over a wide area network. It is one of the three main 3GPP standards introduced to help realize massive IoT applications. This is aimed at low power and deep coverage networks up to 20 km of range. It is also optimized for better latency reaching up to 10 seconds. Though NB-IoT operates in the licensed frequency spectrum, it is optimized to minimize interference and allow massive IoT

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what is narrowband iot

What is Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT)?

What is NB-IoT? With the introduction of non-cellular LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) technologies such as LoRa and Sigfox, the mobile industry responded to these emerging technologies with NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) for IoT and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) applications. This was introduced as part of the release (13) of the 3GPP cellular standards body, which is also known as LTE CAT-NB. The main objectives of the introduction of NB-IoT were to introduce long battery life, low latency, low power, and improved indoor coverage. Another interesting feature of NB-IoT deployments is the ability to co-exist with 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile networks, also 3GPP has already made provisions for the inclusion of NB-IoT in 5G standards. Now let’s dive into more details about the operation of NB-IoT and its features. How does it work? NB-IoT utilizes the mobile carrier network for data transmission. The data from the sensors are collected and are transmitted to transmission nodes or NB-IoT base stations. These transmission nodes are

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