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What is Near-Field Communication (NFC)

What is Near-Field Communication (NFC)?

Consumer electronic devices have multiplied in the last few years, whether they are wearables, smartphones, public administration systems, or everyday gadgets. Over the years, users have now transitioned to contactless, convenient, and safe interactions with the help of technologies. NFC, or Near-Field Communication, is among the frontrunners of this worldwide transformation. This article covers the entirety of what NFC is, how it works, its technical specifications, and some popular applications. What is NFC – Near-Field Communication? Have you ever used your smartphone to exchange information just with a tap? Do you use contactless cards where you can just tap and make transactions? If yes, then the chances are that you have already experienced NFC in your life more than you think. Near-field Communication, or  NFC, is a contactless proximity technology operating on short-range Radio Frequency. NFC leverages magnetic field induction to allow communication between devices within a narrow range of

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