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Top 10 Antenna Manufacturers in South Korea

Antennas have become a vital part of the modern wireless world. In this article, we will discuss the top ten antenna manufacturers in South Korea. The South Korean antenna market is a huge industry as South Korea is home to large global tech companies. The top 10 antenna manufacturers are determined based on their market size, area of expertise, and types of antennas manufactured. Antennas are primarily categorized based on their application, size, technology, and operating frequency. Most of these antennas are used in telecommunications, military, marine, aerospace, and public sectors.


Founded: 1994

Country: South Korea

Employees: 850 – 100

Company Profile: Amotech was a startup founded in 1994 and has become one of the leading antennas manufacturers in South Korea. Their core business areas include antennas, motor solutions, ceramic capacitors, and ESD/EMI products. To ensure business competitiveness and quality they are employing high-end materials, processes, and optimum designs. These products serve different industries such as home applications, the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile communications, electric vehicles, automotive, and wearable devices. When it comes to antenna solutions, they provide a wide range of antennas including NFC (Near Field Communcation), cellular, UWB (Ultra-Wide Band), ISM (Industrial, Scientific, and Medical) and LPWA, GNSS, and short-range antenna solutions. More information about their antenna solutions and other products can be accessed via their official website.

TJ Innovation

Founded: 2006

Country: South Korea

Employees: 500+

Company Profile: TJ Innovation is a leading manufacturer of telecommunications solutions. Their major products are mobile repeaters used in different technologies such as WCDMA, LTE, and 5G. Apart from repeaters they also produce high-quality antenna solutions targeted at the telecommunications industry. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) is a key product in their portfolio. Their portfolio also includes mm-Wave repeaters, radio frequency boosters, public safety repeaters, and antenna monitoring systems. You can find more information on their official website.

Gamma NU

Founded: 1997

 Country: South Korea

Employees: 101-250

Company Profile: Gamma NU is a leading antenna manufacturer specializing in the business. The company operating since 1997 has produced many antenna products for the market. Apart from manufacturing antennas, they are also producing PIM analyzers which are widely used in quality control of wireless communication networks. When it comes to antenna solutions, they provide base antenna solutions, canister antennas, camouflage antennas, DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) antennas, and stadium antennas. You can refer to their website for additional information on different antennas.


Founded: 2014

Country: South Korea

Employees: 200+

Company Profile: Withwave is a leader in enabling modern wireless communication networks. They specialized in providing RF, microwave, and high-speed solutions with a focus on electromagnetic field analysis and signal processing. Their primary targeted markets are wireless communications, test and instrumentation, automated test equipment, and network systems. The product portfolio of wave consists of antennas, and RF components such as connectors, couplers, and adapters. They produce a variety of antenna solutions including horn antennas, patch antennas, and slot array antennas. More information about their antenna products can be found on their official website.

RN2 Technologies

Founded: 2002

Country: South Korea

Employees: 500+

Company Profile: RN2 Technologies is a pioneer in RF and microwave electronic products, from raw materials to finished products for mobile communications base stations, semiconductors, and multilayer ceramic substrates for medical devices. They serve industries including electric appliances, electrical design, and other electronic parts manufacturing. When it comes to antenna solutions, they produce several antenna types and crucial antenna components. For more information, you can visit their official website.


Founded: 2009

Country: South Korea

Employees: 51-100

Company Profile: Misotech is another leader in electronics and RF electronics manufacturing in South Korea. They provide system engineering design services, product development, and consultancy services. Their product portfolio includes RF filters, attenuators, Voltage Controlled Oscillators, and Phase-Locked Loop components. They focus on waveguide antenna solutions and have a wide range of products available in this line of products. These products are focused on applications such as jamming, environmental testing, and power testing. More information about services and various products by Misoteh can be found on their official website.


Founded: 2015

Country: South Korea

Employees: 101-250

Company Profile: Sensorview is a leading manufacturer of RF electronic components, and antenna solutions for a different range of industries while focused on telecommunications. Apart from the telecommunication industry, they also serve automotive, aerospace, and defense industries as well. Sensorview product portfolio consists of RF electronic components and antenna solutions. Cables, interconnectors, and test interface boards are the main RF electronic components in their portfolio. When it comes to antenna solutions, they are focused on mmwave antennas. They have introduced several different mmwave antennas in their product portfolio addressing different sectors and applications. More information can be accessed via their official website.


Founded: 2016

Country: South Korea

Employees: 11-50

Company Profile: Kreemo is another leading antenna solution provider in South Korea. They specialized in providing antenna solutions in the areas of wireless, defence, sensor, and SATCOM antennas. These antennas are based on Full Dimension (FD) antennas. These FD antennas provide a 360deg beamforming capability. Apart from FD antennas, they also provide mmwave solutions, measurement solutions, and IoT solutions. More information can be found on their official website.

Doosan Cooperation Electro-Materials

Founded: 1974

Country: South Korea

Employees: 500+

Company Profile: Doosan Cooperation Electro-Materials manufactures high-end electronics components. They are serving modern world applications such as smart cities, smart mobility applications, and modern antenna solutions. Their product portfolio is vast and consists of many emerging technologies. Their antenna solutions are focused on telecommunication solutions. You can find more information on their official website.


Founded: 1985

Country: South Korea

Employees:  51-100

Company Profile: KNS Inc is a South Korean company specializing in providing marine solutions. Apart from the marine industry they also serve the military, SATCOMs, and satellite communication. When it comes to their product portfolio, they are specialized in providing antenna solutions and other ancillary RF components. One of their iconic antennas includes VSAT antennas and TVRO antennas.


In this article, we discussed the top 10 antenna manufacturers in South Korea. Most of these antenna manufacturers are specialized in providing antenna solutions to satellite communications and telecommunications.

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