• In-Building & DAS Antennas

    Tesswave’s indoor and outdoor DAS antenna allow carriers to increase the data capacity and deploy new spectrum in zoning challenged areas. All kind of frequency band model antennas are available covering 4G LTE, Cellular, PCS and Wi-Fi spectrums. Our DAS Antenna are designed on 698-2700 MHz frequency range which is ideal suit for Cellular,PCS,3G,4G LTE and WIFI,WIMAX applications,they are include ceiling,panel,log periodic yagi and outdoor omnidirectional antenna.

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  • 4G LTE Antennas

    Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the world’s leading 4G cellular network technology,LTE technology offers wireless download and upload speeds 10 times greater than those provided with 3G technology nowaday. Tesswave’s 4G LTE antenna cover the frequency range 698-960/1710-2700MHz and 3.5GHz as well and the type include panel,yagi,rubber duck,magnetic mount,parabolic grid and sector etc…

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  • Diversity MIMO Antennas

    MIMO(Multiple–Input Multiple-Output ) antennas have two or more antennas in a single physical package that are designed for use in IEEE 802.11n wireless networks. Tesswave’s MIMO antennas are ideal for use with wireless Access Points/CPE with MIMO capabilities. These antennas are available for 802.11a/b/g/n applications. The antenna types include Panel,Ceiling,Mini Patch, Dish and Yagi antennas etc

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