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Five Most Popular Applications of LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN is among the buzzwords of the IoT industry. The growing use of the technology caught industrial interest for more developments. Especially LoRaWAN is dominantly trusted for long-range and low-cost applications. Therefore, the smart city, industrial IoT, and outdoor applications make the most out of LoRaWAN. This blog covers the five most popular applications of LoRaWAN.

five popular applications of lorawan
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Popular applications of LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN is unique in its application because of its key characteristics such as longer range, lesser power consumption, cost-effective hardware, scalable network with thousands of nodes, and minor maintenance needs. These key features make LoRaWAN the top logical choice for extended network areas with many remote nodes that are not easily accessible from time to time.

Here’s a list of the most popular applications of LoRaWAN communication:

Smart Infrastructures

Smart infrastructures or smart buildings are one of the most common applications of LoRaWAN as organizations and institutions attempt to involve technology in everyday lives. These intelligent buildings and properties would eliminate manual needs for monitoring and maintenance.

Mainly, these infrastructures can use LoRaWAN to monitor temperature/humidity/light, identify room occupancy, detect motions, alert for fire/flood, etc. LoRaWAN can cover huge buildings and fulfill numerous different applications within the same network and same LoRaWAN gateways.

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Smart parking solution

Smart parking would be the most popular application of LoRaWAN and deserves the attraction it gets. LoRaWAN-based intelligent parking solutions are a dire need in urban areas where one can not find a parking spot even after wasting time, fuel, and congested traffic.

LoRaWAN-based smart parking system can ensure the even use of available parking spaces and manage the reservations with complete automation. In addition, the cheaper implementations and ability to monetize parking spaces make this application viable for parking space owners.

Smart city structural health monitoring

Structural health monitoring is a very efficient application for city administration. Monitoring the health of massive infrastructure can allow timely maintenance and avoid catastrophic disasters. For example, long-range sensors across a bridge can sense the vibrations to see if the structure has alarming damage. LoRaWAn is the best choice as it covers a vast area, and the LoRa sensors can function long-term without maintenance.

LoRaWAN smart waste management

Waste management is among the universal applications of IoT. Every city in the world needs it. LoRaWAN can quickly get the job done by monitoring waste container occupancy and suggesting the best route for pickup staff. As a result, LoRaWAN can ensure that waste is collected on time, in the most fuel-cost-effective path, and saves time.

Smart metering solutions for smart cities

Another element of smart cities is sustainability. LoRaWAn can promote sustainable use of critical environmental resources to make a difference. LoRaWAn can be used for smart metering solutions to measure the consumption of electricity, gas, and water. LoRaWAN can help eliminate wastages, automate billing, and gather vital usage statistics.

That’s not all!

LoRaWAN has many other popular applications that might soon be as common in our daily lives. There are many use cases of LoRaWAN in popular applications, including fleet management, smart lighting, environment monitoring, traffic control, and many more. LoRaWAN will soon connect with our daily lives on more applications as these developments pace up.

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