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Difference Between Router and Modem

Modem is small device that mostly used in the home network. A modem is a device that connects the office or home network to the internet. Router is also a small device but it connects multiple devices or computers to the internet at the same time wired or wirelessly. Nowadays both devices are provided by the internet service provider. Modems or routers are essential devices for the internet connection. The home or office network is directly connected to the internet by using the modem or router. Although most people are puzzled when they are trying to find the modem or router, both devices play distinct roles in the network, In this article learn about the differences between modems and routers, but first learn about what a modem and a router are, how they work, their features and what makes them different.

difference between router and modem
Router VS Modem

What is Modem:

A Modem is a device that maintains an internet connection with the internet service provider in order to get an internet connection for the office or home. All the signal modulation and demodulation are done in the modem. A home computer is connected to the internet by using the modem because the modem acts like a bridge between your home computer and the internet. Modem devices are used in the internet connection because they handle all types of signals. Computer and internet both run on different signals. The Internet service provider sends an analog signal from their end but the computer only understands digital signal. For That purpose, a Modem is used in the internet connection because it converts the analog signal to a digital signal so that the home computer easily understands the signal and the internet is run on the home computer. Modem devices modulate the analog signal to digital that coming from the internet and after that, it sends to the computer. In most cases when the new internet connection deploys in the home the internet service provider provides the Modem.

It controls the flow of information, error correction and also performs data compression. Modem devices transmit the data at a faster speed. It transmits the data from groups.

How does Modem Works:

Telephone and computer system are connected with router/modem and connect the computer system with the ports that are provided by the internet service provider to home network directly for single PC and router for multiple devices.

In the diagram given below, the Modem converts the analog signal from telephone lines into a digital signal and then transmits it to the pc.

How does modem works

The types of modem:

There are different types of Modem depending upon data transmission. These types are mentioned below:

External Modem:

  • By using the serial cable computer system directly connected with the external modem.
  • Easy to install, and transmit the data at a high rate.
  • It’s used in offices and homes because it transmits data at high rates and has interruption-free network connectivity.

Internal Modem:

  • Internal modem mostly installed on the motherboard of the pc.
  • The internal modem is mounted into an expansion slot of the motherboard and looks like an electronic circuit.
  • The internal modem is used for dedicated computers in small spaces or houses due to its low data transmission speed and complex installation.

Wireless Modem:

  • Wireless Modem connected with the computer system without using any cable.
  • Most People used this for personal use mostly in homes and offices.
  • For data transmission through the air wireless modems use radio frequencies.
  • It Transmits data at higher rates.

Dial-up Modem:

  • A dial-up modem connects ISP to a computer system using a conventional telephone line to establish an internet connection.
  • It provides a transmission rate of 56kb/sec using PSTN (Public Switched telephone network).
  • Provide protection against line overload and other connection issues.

Advantages of Modem:

  • Helps to connect the entire world using the internet.
  • Speed depends upon modem cost.

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What is Router:

In networks, a Router is an essential device for routing data packets from source to destination. It routes the internet connection from the modem to all other devices either wired or wireless such as laptops, mobiles or PC, etc. By using the router a lot of devices communicate with each other over the same network. In the past, only one computer is available at home but now multiple devices are present in the home/office for this is router is an essential component.

There are five types of routers that are available in the market. Here discuss Only wired and wireless Routers. The Ethernet cable is required in the wired router in order to connect to the router with the internet. The other type of router is a wireless router. In a wireless router, no cable is required for the internet connection. The wireless router uses Wi-Fi technology for internet connection.

How does Router Works:

  • A router first communicates with the modem and then communicates with other devices like the computer or mobile.
  • In Router the IP Address is already defined by the internet service provider and the router transmits all the data packets to this IP Address from one network to another network.
  • Router automatically chooses the best path and then transmits all the data packets to this path.
  • It functions similarly to a delivery package that has a specific address so that it can only be sent to the intended recipient.
How does router works

Types of Router:

There are five types of Router. These types are mentioned below:

Wireless Router:

  • Wireless routers are mostly used in the home and offices for small connectivity. No cable is required in the wireless router.
  • It provides a secure connection by only providing access to users with IDs and passwords.

Wired Router:

  • A wired router requires a wire to connect to the network.
  • It uses an Ethernet cable to connect with a PC while for wireless access points it uses VOIP technology to connect to mobile phones.

Core Router:

  • It distributes data packets within the network and can be wired/wireless.
  • It is the backbone of the network allowing heavy transfer of data.

Virtual Router:

  • It allows computers and servers to operate as routers and transmit data packets similar to physical ones, but more flexible than physical ones.

Advantages of Router:

  • Wireless routers connect networking devices at any time using Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or WLAN.
  • Routers have an extra feature called collision feature which reduces the network traffic.


In today’s world, Everyone in the family wants to connect their phones, tablets, and laptops to a single shared internet connection. A modem is a device that can modulate and demodulate the signal, and a router connects different networks together, thus we ultimately got to the conclusion that both have their own unique properties.

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