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what is rfid and how does it work

What is RFID and how does it work?

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) has grown exponentially across all industry verticals to the point where the RFID market is expected to amount to $14.69 billion in 2026 at a 9.3% CAGR. At this point, it is clear that the technology will be around a common consumer for a long period in different forms. Therefore, this blog provides the ultimate guide about what RFID is and how it works. What is RFID (Radio-frequency identification)? Radio-frequency identification, also known as RFID, is a wireless communication technology that is particularly used as a medium for proximity communication. To be precise, RFID is an electromagnetic communication method where RFID tags with digital data encoding are placed on objects or systems so that RFID readers can detect them uniquely for various applications. RFID is versatile in its development and deployment. The majority of RFID applications are based on the innovative use of RFID tags and RFID

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RFID Helps Building Smart Transportation

The number of urban vehicles is increasing, and vehicle management has always been an important part of urban transportation. RFID technology implements effective management of vehicles, and quickly and automatically recognizes the identity of vehicles, which has become an important way of vehicle management. The intelligent electronic license plate combines the characteristics of automatic identification and collection of ordinary license plates and RFID technology, which can actually perform wireless, long-distance and high-speed recognition of vehicle license plates, and the global unique ID number of RFID electronic tags has functions such as anti-spoofing and anti-theft. RFID technology helps building “smart transportation” and “smart city” An intelligent electronic license plate is a combination of ordinary electronic license plate and RFID electronic tag. The RFID electronic tag is associated with the ordinary license plate number. After reading the RFID electronic tag information through wireless remote mode, the vehicle license plate number and other

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