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Five LoRa Applications to Solve Environment Challenges


LoRa is among the few technologies whose potential applications and use cases can play a significant role in preserving the environment. The unique abilities of LoRa to connect day-to-day activities with the internet can offer a unique advantage for monitoring and controlling applications. This blog covers different LoRa applications that can address environmental challenges.

Why do we need LoRa applications to save the environment?

LoRa, as the name suggests, is a long-range radio communication method, one of the popular technologies in Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN). The fundamental ability of LoRa to connect a set of distant devices to the Internet is a crucial player in environmental use cases. Here are several benefits of using LoRa to save the environment:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring over a long-range
  • Connects devices indoor as well as outdoor
  • Lower cost of operation for viable implementations
  • Ultra-low-power communication to run for years without maintenance
  • Easy networking as one gateway can connect many node devices

These advantages of LoRa make it an easier choice for sustainability applications. LoRa applications can serve many industries with these advantages, as given below.

Industries where LoRa applications can be impactful

LoRa can contribute to saving the environment by improving various industry exercises. Here are several sectors where LoRa applications are fruitful:

  • Smart buildings & smart cities
  • Agriculture
  • Health & wellness
  • Consumer & industrial energy consumption
  • Quality monitoring control

Top 5 applications of LoRa against environmental threats

LoRa connectivity can be a strategic addition to any solution that addresses environmental threats. The advantages of LoRa outweigh any environmental concerns from using technology, making it a confident choice among engineers. Here are the several applications where LoRa is proven effective:

LoRa-based sustainable precision irrigation solution

Irrigation is an integral part of any agriculture process, and as such, it is crucial to evaluate and improve irrigation solutions. LoRa can be a great tool to use water resources wisely and save significant water.

Greenhouse monitoring, control, and automation

LoRa can be helpful in remote monitoring and control using embedded ambient sensors. For example, sensors can measure greenhouse environmental parameters and share them with LoRa connectivity to take the proper precautions before the time.

Structural health monitoring with LoRa

Structural health is a priority among smart cities and smart infrastructures. Structural health monitoring can help identify structural weaknesses to mitigate them before it’s too late. LoRa can monitor broad areas around the structure to monitor and alert.

Animal life preservation & sustainability

LoRaWAN can help take care of wildlife and forests. For example, LoRaWAN can communicate with various long-range forest nodes to find fire breakouts or track rare wildlife animals. This could help minimize casualties during events like fire breakouts.

Next-generation metering infrastructure

Energy consumption has always been among the primary cause of concern for environmentalists. Saving energy waste is the most logical way to create a sustainable world. Advanced metering infrastructure with LoRa application can result in substantial energy savings.


Considering the scale of environmental challenges, you will find that any solution must have a more extended range, cheaper implementations, and reliable communication to fit the needs. LoRa checks in all the boxes to be the next big thing in environmental sustainability. Similarly, many more LoRa applications are under development and will soon find their way into our daily lives!

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