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What is MIMO Technology and How does it Work?

Introduction of MIMO

There is an ongoing search for better quality and capacity in wireless communication. Mimo stands for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output. Mimo is the latest wireless technology that uses today. The use of Smart Antenna technology in wireless communication systems has created new opportunities for increasing the capacity of bandwidth. Point to point is the old technology and it has more chance of jamming. In point-to-point wireless technology, there is less transmission speed as compared to Mimo. Multi-input and Multi-output solve all the wireless problems and offer a big advantage. Mimo contains two or more individual antennas that is connected to single wireless device. Mimo has not required any scattering environment because every active terminal uses every time-frequency bin.

Multiple transmitters and receivers are used in the Mimo (Multiple input Multiple outputs) wireless technology which helps in transferring more data at the same time. By having more antennas the device is capable of delivering the data at a faster rate. In Mimo wireless technology all the data is transmitted by using the different antennas that is installed with the wireless device. All the data that is transmitted by multiple antennas delivered by using the same bandwidth and same path. All the signal that receive by receiving antenna uses a different path. There is less chance of signal collision when using a different path resulting in more reliable data. A Mimo Antenna provides better signal strength and also increases the quality of the Internet. Data transmission is quite better by using the Mimo wireless technology. As Mimo wireless technology uses multiple antennas which also reduces packet losses. Mimo wireless technology provides better video and audio quality.

Different configuration of wireless MiMo antenna:

Mimo wireless Antenna comes with a different configuration. Mimo wireless devices come in four different configurations. Some Mimo wireless devices have two receive antennas, and two transmit antennas, and it’s called 2×2 Mimo. 4×4 Mimo wireless devices have four transmit antennas and four receive antennas. Mimo 8×8 has 8 transmit antennas and 8 receive antennas. As the number of antenna increase, the quality of the internet also increases.

How does MiMo work?

Before implementing the Mimo the end device like the mobile phone or the access point must be able to support the Mimo. In order to get better performance. It’s necessary for both the end device and access appoint support the Mimo wireless technology.

Mimo wireless technology works based on multipath which uses the natural radio wave phenomena. Multipath increases the efficiency of the signal. The signal that is transmitted by using multipath phenomena reflects off surfaces like walls, ceilings, and other objects, re-entering the receiving antenna at various angles and somewhat different timings. The strength of the wireless signal in the past is less as compared to Mimo. In the past multipath caused interference and slow down the wireless signal. With the addition of a spatial dimension and multiple intelligent transmitters and receivers, multipath technology improves performance and range. The Mimo wireless technology has improved the range and performance of the multipath because the Mimo wireless technology uses multiple smart transmitters and receiver antennas. Mimo also added more dimension because it uses multiple antennas.

Greater speed by using the multiple antenna:

Through the use of MIMO, antennas can aggregate data streams coming in from various directions and at various times, enhancing the signal-capturing capacity of the receiver.

Mimo wireless devices uses extra antenna in efficient way by using the spatial diversity technology. Antennas can add receiver variety and extend range when they outnumber spatial streams.

Higher speeds typically result from having more antennas. Compared to an adapter with two antennas, a wireless device with three antennas can transmit data at a speed of 600 Mbps. To achieve the fastest speed possible, the router must also have numerous antennas and fully support all of the characteristics of IEEE 802.11n wireless standard. Multiple antennas and extremely quick processing chips are features of modern wireless devices.

What is SISO?

Siso stands for the single input single output. Siso wireless devices have only one antenna through which the Siso device transmits and receives the data. Siso is an old technology and has limited performance.

The Latest Mimo Wireless devices support the 802.11n standards. But the Siso Wireless devices do not support the 802.11n standards. Due to this, the Siso wireless devices travel data at lower rates.

What is Mu-Mimo?

Your house Wi-Fi will work more slowly the more devices that connect to it. That’s because the majority of routers can only talk to one device at once. When a new device connects to one of this single-user (Su Mimo) routers because each device waits its turn to send and receive data from the Internet. Fortunately (Mu Mimo) a new technology standard, has arrived in town and significantly cuts down on wait times.

Benefits of Mu-Mimo:

  • Multi-user Mimo and single-user Mimo both devices operate faster data because all the devices that are available on the network use less time in order to get data from wifi router.
  • Multi-user Mimo technology increases the efficiency and capacity of wireless devices/routers. Mimo enables it to handle Wi-Fi-demanding tasks like streaming and gaming.
  • Mimo offers superior data rates because of multiple antennas. For delivering numerous data streams, MIMO systems build many independent channels.
  • 2×2 Mimo Based system creates 2 independent data streams. All the streams combined by using the dynamic digital beam increase the efficiency and reliability and also improve the range of the Mimo-based system.


In summary, The Mimo Antenna uses multiple antennas for transmitting and receiving the signal and each antenna creates a separate stream which increases the speed of data rate and also provides high reliability. Each Mimo Antenna transmits and receives a signal and that signal is combined in order to clean up the noisy signal and deliver the data at faster rates. The only hurdle we might face implementing this technology is that user end might must be compatible with each Mimo device.

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