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What is a wireless access point?


An access point is the core device in a wireless-based network.  Most of the access points are used in the wireless-based network. The main function of the access point is to connect the local devices that are available in the local area network. In order to increase the range of the wireless-based network most of the companies and offices etc. are used the access point. A lot of users can connect with a single access point by using the wireless network.

What is an access point?

Access points create a small wireless local area network (WLAN).  Most of the access points are used in offices, companies and in a large home in order to cover each corner of the offices, etc. An access point is directly connected to the main router, hub, or switch by using the Ethernet cable. All the devices in the local area network can communicate with the other devices by using the access point. Router is the most common example of the wireless access point, access point works same as the router. As router sends and receives the data packets when it’s connected to the next device. The access point also sends and receives packets when it’s connected with the end devices like the computer or the mobile. A wired network was discovered to be inconvenient, particularly in schools and offices where multiple computers must be connected to a single access point via numerous cables. The wires occupied a lot of space on the ceilings, inside the walls, and on the floors. This problem was solved by the development and introduction of a wireless access point.

How does wireless access point work

Wireless access point is the most useful device for home networks. The main work of the wireless access point is to distribute the Internet or the Wi-Fi signal in every corner of the home or in the offices. They help to increase wireless coverage by receiving and then broadcasting a wireless signal from the router to build a wireless local area network. Wireless access points strengthen the Wi-Fi signal. It’s very easy to set up the wireless access point.

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Security of access points

All the new access point comes with the latest encryption techniques which make the access point more secure. Although it’s very difficult on Wi-Fi networks, to regulate, monitor, and prevent access to certain content. Anyone inside the access point’s range has the ability to launch an attack, especially at public Wi-Fi hotspots where all guest users share a single set of login credentials. If access points are linked to the network, anyone within range of the access points can be connected to the network. All the new modern access point comes with the latest encryption built-in technology. The second and third-generation encryption techniques, WPA2 and WPA, are considered to be more secured than previous encryption techniques. Second and third-generation encryption works properly if the strong password is used. The first-generation encryption scheme, WEP, proved to be simple to crack. As the access point has a default IP so anyone in the network can access the access point. You can make it more secure by changing the default IP so no one knows about the IP. You can make it more secure by changing the default username and password of the access point. Only a few people can access the acess point if you implement the access restrictions that are available in the access point.

Difference between access point and router

We have introduced difference between access point and router in details before, a router creates the local area network because it acts as a hub and controls all the communication of the devices that are connected to this router. On the other hand access point is a small device that is used in the local area network and allows the user that they can directly connect to the internet by using Wi-Fi. The access points cannot serve as a wireless router but routers can be used as an access point. The router manages the Local Area Network, as well as interacts with external network systems, gathers and transmit data in many directions, routers establish a point of connectivity, and maintain security, access points only provide the access to the network which established by routers.

Why access points are better for business

A lot of offices and homes used Wi-Fi range extenders in order to increase the range of the Wi-Fi. As the advancement in technology is increasing day by day so the Wi-Fi range extender is not more efficient for the modern business that uses the latest technology. We have introduced the difference between access point and wifi range extender in details before, Wi-Fi range extender only supports a limited number of users at a time. The maximum number of users that are supported by the Wi-Fi range extender is 20. As the Wi-Fi range extender does not increase the bandwidth, it’s only increase the Wi-Fi range. The internet speed goes down as the number of a user is increase that is connected with a Wi-Fi range extender.

Access point can support up to 60 connections at a time. When you install an access point in your network the user can move from one room to another room without disconnecting the internet. As the access point is an intelligent device so as the user moves from one room to another room the access point automatically switches from one access point to the next and also maintains the connection for the entire time. They won’t even be aware that they are changing networks.

Advantages of access point

  • As the Wi-Fi range extender and other ordinary access points can only support up to 20 users at a time but the access point that comes with the latest technology can support up to 60 Users at a time.
  • Access point transmits and receives strong signals as compared to the ordinary access point or the Wi-Fi range extender.
  • In a larger area, access point performs well, covers a larger area, and also provides better internet speed than any other ordinary access point or range extender.
  • Access point offers a broder range of transmission and almost covers 100 to 300 meters.


When you use a network switch or router, they frequently connect using just a single Ethernet wire, which makes installation simple and gives you great freedom in where you may put them. The main purpose of the wireless access point is to distribute the same connection and significantly increase the range of the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency. Wireless access point spread Wi-Fi signal all around your home so that the signal from the router can reach all locations.

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