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Top UHF Antenna Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA

top uhf antenna manufacturers and suppliers in usa

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) is defined as the radio frequencies in the range of 300 MHz and 3 GHz. It is commonly known as the decimeter band because the wavelengths range from one meter to one tenth of a meter which is a decimeter. UHF is used in a wide range of applications from mobile phones and television broadcasting to military applications. UHF antennas are smaller in size due to the short wavelengths. There are multiple different types of UHF antennas. This article provides an introduction into what UHF is and briefs about UHF antenna. The article then discusses the best manufacturers and suppliers for UHF antenna in USA.

What is UHF?

Ultra High Frequency, generally known as the decimeter band, has wavelengths within the range of 300 MHz to 3 GHz. Due to their short wavelength, they do not get any reflection from the ionosphere and hence they travel by using Line of Sight (LOS) propagation and ground reflection. UHFs are used in applications such as mobile phones, GPS, television broadcasting, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi applications etc. They are also regularly used in military applications such as two way radios for voice communication and radars to track enemy planes or bombers. The main advantage of UHF range is its short wavelength with high frequency making it possible for antennas to be made short and stubby. The major disadvantage is the restricted broadcast range and reception and sometimes the high level of interference due to weather conditions.

What are UHF antennas?

UHF antennas are basically antennas that have been manufactured to operate in the Ultra High Frequency range. There are different types of UHF antennas depending on the design, shape and orientation of the antenna elements.

  • UHF Log Periodic Antenna

This type is similar to a Yagi antenna and consists of half wave dipole driven elements placed close together in a line and is connected parallel to the feeder line in an alternating step pattern. Increasing the number of dipole elements increases the bandwidth and frequency response. Log periodic antennas come in different shapes such as planar, trapezoidal, zigzag, v-type, slot and dipole.

This type of UHF antenna is an array of dipole elements placed along a supporting stem.  It consists of a driven element that is connected to the feeder line and the rest of the elements function as reflectors and directors. The amplitude and phase of the current induced changes depending on the length and spacing of the dipole elements.

  • UHF Conical Array Antenna

The array of dipole elements are placed along a conical structure. The cross slot radiators fed by the feeder network provide better control of the amplitude and the phase excitations for each cross slot.

  • UHF Fan Dipole Antenna

This is an array of dipole elements that have been arranged parallel in a fanned-out shape. Each dipole has a low impedance where it connects to the feeder point at the resonant frequency but gradually increases the impedance as it moves further from the feeder point.

Top UHF Antenna Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA

Jampro Antennas Inc.

Jampro is the oldest manufacturer of Broadcast Antennas in North America and is based in Sacramento, CA. Operating since 1952, Jampro also has expanded its domination in the antenna industry to UK by acquiring Alan Dick Broadcast Ltd, which is the oldest antenna manufacturer in UK. They have established teams internationally in UK, India, Thailand and Mexico. They have all products ranging from radio and TV broadcast transmitters to TV, FM and DAB antennas and everything in between including all accessories. They also provide installation and consultation services. Jampro supplies RF systems globally. The unique feature that separates Jampro from other suppliers is that they fully assemble and test the antennas using tower structures similar to the end user making them extremely reliable and avoids re-tuning of the antennas in the field.

Regarding UHF antennas, they have two main categories, UHF slot antennas, and UHF panel antennas. Under these categories, a huge range of options are available with multiple power capabilities. UHF antennas provided by Jampro are comparatively more economical as well. Also they build completely customized antennas as well to meet user requirements.

Antenna Products Corporation

Antenna Products Corporation (APC) based in Mineral Wells, Texas is a pioneer company in the antenna industry and has been in operation for over 75 years since 1947. They have designed and built the world’s largest antenna array, the HAARP array in Anchorage, Alaska. Antenna Products provides antenna related services for all types of industries like military and safeguard, government, avionics, transportation etc. in USA. They also manufacture and supply commercial and industry level towers.

APC has a series of antennas specially dedicated to the UHF range. They provide a wide range of options based on shape as well as application. They have cone omnidirectional type, Yagi type, wideband, triple band, dual band, vehicle mount and many more varieties of UHF antennas available for customers.

MP Antenna Ltd

MP Antenna Ltd is an exclusive developer and manufacturer for multi-polarized antennas based in Elyria, Ohio. Their patented antennas feature a three dimensional element design that incorporates built in spatial and polarization diversity that can improve wireless communication in any application. MP Antennas produce antennas that have increased throughput, maximum diversity, multi-polarized and multipath mitigation features making them one of the best in terms of efficiency, reliability and performance in non-line-of-site (NLOS) antennas.  MP Antennas manufacture antennas from 25 MHz to 6 GHz catering for a wide range of applications from GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, GSM, 4G, 5G to VHF and UHF.

MP Antennas has a separate line of products for UHF antennas. Their multi-polarized UHF antennas are recommended for NLOS applications where there can be interferences like obstructions, multi-paths, absorption, phasing issues etc. Antennas in the UHF range by MP antennas will reduce signal degradation and provide more consistent and reliable communication. They also build completely customized antennas without a customization cost.


R. A. Miller Industries is a world class supplier in advanced antenna systems and accessories and has been operating since 1956. It manufactures and provides antenna solutions for various applications like military, aviation and transportation for customers worldwide. RAMI provides a huge range of antennas based on the different applications in these industries. They also design customized antennas for customers and has experience of over 60 years in antenna designing. Their design and testing cover antennas from 200 kHz to 50 GHz.

RAMI has over 40 types of antennas in the UHF range and customers can make their selection based on the application and the required frequency range of operation. They have UHF antennas catering for all types of communications whether its airborne, ground-air, ground based, vehicular, shipboard or handheld communication.

ALARIS Antennas

Alaris Antennas, since its inception in 1990, has become a prominent supplier in advanced Electronic Warfare antennas. They have an extensive range of HF, VHF, UHF and SHF omnidirectional and directional communication antennas that can be used for mobile, base stations, man-portable applications and radio communications. Alaris Antennas have dominated in different market areas such as defence, homeland security, spectrum management and test and measurement as a reliable antenna supplier.

Alaris Antennas has multiple antenna series dedicated to the UHF range. They provide UHF antennas for ground-air communication systems, ground-ground communication systems, and vehicles. Alaris UHF antennas are available in different types such as centre-fed dipole antennas and log periodic dipole array antennas and also in different frequency ranges to meet the customer requirements.


This article is mainly focused on the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Ultra High Frequency antennas in USA. As it can be seen, most of the companies provide a wide range of UHF antenna catering to a variety of applications. Some of them also provide the service of building completely customized antennas. Thus, based on the requirements, the user has the ability to select either an available antenna or a custom built antenna to satisfy the needs for their specific application.

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