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DAS Antennas

DAS is an abbreviation for distributed antenna system,it’s a good solution to solve the poor signal coverage inside a large building which we call “blind spot”,we usually install a system of relatively small in building das antenna throughout the building to serve as repeaters.

Tesswave’s indoor and outdoor DAS antenna allow carriers to increase the data capacity and deploy new spectrum in zoning challenged areas. All kind of frequency band model antennas are available covering 4G LTE, Cellular, PCS and Wi-Fi spectrums.These Das antennas are physically connected to a central controller which is connected to the carriers’ base station.
Our DAS Antenna are designed on 698-2700 MHz frequency range which is ideal suit for Cellular,PCS,3G,4G LTE and WIFI,WIMAX applications,they are include ceiling mount antenna,wall mount panel antenna, log periodic yagi antenna and outdoor omnidirectional antenna.All of our antennas are high performance and aesthetic design,we make sure the quality is durable and work well in the harsh weather.

These antennas will come with a pigtail cable and typical N-Female connector.we provide the heavy-duty mounting kits as well.