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4G LTE Antennas

Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the world’s leading 4G cellular network technology,LTE technology offers wireless download and upload speeds 10 times greater than those provided with 3G technology nowaday.It allows network operators to greatly increase both peak network data throughput rates.LTE’s high data rates and low latency enable applications such as streaming HD video, high definition Voice over LTE (VoLTE), broadcasting, and public safety emergency response.

Different country is using different LTE frequency and bands including North America, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.Tesswave’s 4G LTE antenna cover the frequency range 698-960/1710-2700MHz and 3.5GHz as well and the type include panel,yagi,rubber duck,magnetic mount,parabolic grid and sector etc…,please check our LTE antenna product list in our website to know more about our antennas for your solutions.

Besides,to use more wireless spectrum, LTE supports its high data rates with MIMO technology(Multiple Input Multiple Output) which has two or more antenna elements in single antenna casing to greatly increase the amount of data that can be sent over the same wireless spectrum.Tesswave’s LTE MIMO Antenna has horizontal and vertical dual polarity antennas in a single compact housing which is ideal suit for your high speed data demand.